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What are the advantages and disadvantages of common automotive paint classifications?

With the improvement of the manufacturing process of automobiles, there are more and more paint options available, and some companies can provide customized services. Nowadays, car paint on the market is generally divided into three types: ordinary paint, metallic paint, and pearlescent paint. The process and materials of these three types of car paint are different, achieving different display effects and protective properties.

The first regular paint is the most common car paint, and most of the monochrome cars we see in white, red, and yellow belong to regular paint. Its production materials include resin, pigments, and additives. Its cost is low, and the process is relatively simple. The paint repair process is also relatively simple, but it is relatively monotonous. Of course, the paint surface is also relatively soft, and it may fall off after being hit by stones.

Another type of paint is metal paint, which usually involves adding metal powders such as aluminum and copper powder to the paint base. Of course, metal paint belongs to a dual process and must be sprayed with varnish on the surface of the metal paint to achieve the desired gloss and hardness. With the addition of metal components, the paint surface has a higher hardness than ordinary paint and is less prone to scratches. However, the most difficult color to repair in metallic paint is metallic white (pearl white), which is also known as twice white. The uniqueness of this metallic white is that the thickness of the paint film, baking temperature, and even the angle of the spray paint can have a significant impact on the depth of the color to be repaired in the later stage. Therefore, as long as there is a small deviation, the color difference is very obvious.

Here is also a very beautiful pearlescent paint, also known as mica paint, which adds mica particles to the composition. When light shines on the mica particles, they are colored with titanium dioxide and iron oxide, making the pearlescent paint have strong antioxidant ability and producing different visual effects from different angles. However, due to the increased amount of mica particles being sprayed during production, they are arranged in an orderly manner. If the paint is scratched or repaired in the later stage, it will be very troublesome, just like when a fish scale is removed and reinstalled, it will never return to its original appearance. After repainting, it is almost impossible to make the direction of the mica particles consistent, and there are slight differences in direction and color that can be easily seen.

In addition to these three major categories of car paint, many brands now have their own main colors for their models, which are generally achieved through special processes or materials. Of course, the more beautiful the car paint, the more difficult it may be to repair. When choosing a car, while considering aesthetics, it is important to consider the protection effect and the difficulty of repair, otherwise it will be unbearable.

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