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Car paint curing way below

If you want to know how to protect the car's paint, we'll be the first to know about the car paint surface structure. Car paint are mainly oil, resin, metal elements such as composition, and it happened that the material composition and easy oxidation, so the paint also has the characteristics of the easy oxidation. In addition, the car paint is multilayer overlapping paint spraying, and under the action of heat bilges cold shrink, and each level has many pores, which can cause a variety of material such as water into the hole, accelerate the surface oxidation. Due to the characteristics of long-term working in the outdoor, car lacquer face also influenced by outside factors. Such as corrosive strong rain water, spring sandstorm weather, the road is hard the greenery branches of scratches, and so on, will cause a lot of damage to paint. So we should choose a reasonable way to protect car paint and common paint protection is basically a wax, closure glaze, coating, plating crystal this several.

First said the wax, wax is also our common juyou more understanding and a common car paint protection form, if you have a lot of car may be at home on a wax, I often give me car wax. Simple wax and its principle is to use the characteristics of wax in the car paint surface to form a protective film, effectively protect the paint, to prevent the corrosion of acid rain and sunlight caused by aging, wax can also remove paint minor scratches and stain. Wax and the construction is simple and quick one can give his car to a full wax. But it is not completely without faults, its weakness is effect of holding time is shorter, choose regular brand of car wax, wax general can keep 2-3 months after effect, or wash the car after 7 to 10 times the wax can be completely rinse lose protective effect.

Again for the seal glair, sealing glair is the enamel input with a dedicated machine to the paint small pores formed in the protective layer of a layer of spider, can improve the surface hardness, and stay for a long time, USES the high quality of enamel products for car paint gloss after construction can keep the effect of six months or so. The disadvantage of sealing glair is in construction process will first use polishing machine to grind the car paint, it will make your original paint thinner, and the paint gloss to the more original, the greater the damage and construction process of sealing glair is longer, the price is not low. General point can't operation, the price is too low.

Finally said the coating and plating. The coating and plating crystal is an upgraded version of the seal glair. Coating is the third generation of paint protection technology, it is to use the machine will protective film on the car paint surface form a long-lasting protective film, coating according to the organic coating and inorganic coating material is divided into two kinds. Commonly used organic coating resin, glass fiber material in paint construction, such as inorganic membranes are using imported nanometer materials, maintain the effect of longer. Coating keeps effect time of 1-2 years, but the coating is too expensive, construction for a long time. General household small cars is not recommended, local tyrants please feel free to. Said the following wafer plating, plating crystal is one of the most nearly two years to popular paint curing products. It adopts imported nanometer materials. Construction process and coating are basically the same, but it form a protective layer of membrane thicker, more transparent, like a layer of crystal on the surface of paint. It lasts longer the protective effect of up to 2 to 3 years, of course the price also is more expensive, general import material plating crystal construction cost around 2000-3000. Construction process of coating and plating is basically similar to use first polishing machine polishing on the original car paint, the paint virtually is also a kind of hurt. So once the coating after plating crystal construction, will continue to use, because it is lost, the effect of natural factors of paint damage will be more severe. Car drivers can according to their own situation, therefore, in the summer heat when choosing a reasonable and economical way to protect car.




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